New Cavity Pump Handles Demanding Applications

Larox Flowsys has launched a new series of pumps to supplement its hose pump family. Larox progressive cavity pumps are engineered for the most demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications.

The series C is designed for demanding duties in different applications for example in pulp & paper, mining & minerals and chemical industries. The series D pumps are meant for dosing. The series E is a very compact solution, especially targeted to environmental applications such as waste water.  

Larox Flowsys’ new pump features Evenwall 3-D-technology with two-lobe rotor geometry, which offers rigid and tighter pumping unit compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps. This makes it possible to use a smaller interference between the rotor and the stator. By reducing friction between rotor and stator allows for a much lower starting torque and significantly higher efficiency.

The pump’s suction connection direction can be adjusted step less. The pump construction is shorter, which facilitates easy installation in any new and existing pump installations. The most common failure in pumps is caused by shaft sealing problems. By utilizing the shaft invention, the mechanical shaft seal can be replaced quickly without dismantling the entire pump or its drive shaft and coupling.

Fluid handling
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