New Disc Mill Ideal For Grinding Grain And Pellets

Perten Instruments’ disc mill LM 3303 features several improvements, including reduced noise level with a new built-in motor, an easy disc distance setting and start/stop on the front of the mill.

In addition, an improved procedure for disc change and distance control can minimize service needs. The new mill replaces the previous model LM 3303. The grinding chamber dimensions as well as the grinding discs of LM 3310 are identical to the LM 3303 and particle size, particle distribution and moisture loss will be equivalent to the previous model. The LM 3310, as its predecessor LM 3303, is well suited for grinding grain, pellets and other products for moisture and other analysis. The mill is also used in the AACC standard No. 55-30 for determination of wheat hardness by PSI (Particle Size Index).

Powders and solids
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Grinding and milling
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