A New Stationary Sampler Enables Automated Liquid Removal

Endress+Hauser’s Liquistation CSF48 can serve as a stationary sampler for fully automated removal and temperature-controlled storage of liquid media. It can also be configured with sensors for use as a measuring station in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, laboratories and water conservancy boards or industrial processes. An integrated data logger records analyzer values, temperature of the samples and time of sampling. The operator interface has an LCD display, menu-guided operations, four operating keys, field data manager software and an interface to a PC for transmitting digital data.

The system has two digital inputs, two analog inputs, two analog outputs, a cleaning function and an alarm relay. Add-on modules allow the Liquistation to be upgraded from one channel to multichannel measurements. Sampling is accomplished with a vacuum or peristaltic pump, and the CSF48’s controller distributes the sample to the appropriate bottle. Sample bottles are kept in temperature-controlled storage, in a two-door housing for more reliable temperature regulation. Dual-bottle trays can make it easier to retrieve, replace and transport samples to the lab. Bottles are available in sizes from 1 liter to 30 liters in plastic or glass. All parts that transport liquid can be removed and cleaned without the need for additional tools. Using the operator interface or the PC, a user can set up sampling procedures ranging from simple timed programs to event-driven programs. Up to 24 sampling programs can be active simultaneously. Sampling control can be in proportion to time, volume or flow. A sampling table makes it possible for users to program the bottle assignment, time interval and sample volume. Signals for external control can be connected via the two analog inputs and two digital inputs in the standard version of the product.

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