MES System Provides Increased Visibility

Designed to accelerate manufacturing visibility and control, the Performix xMES Suite consists of three core components, including xRecipe for SAP Recipe Editing and Management; xMES, the Recipe Execution engine; and xBatch, the Batch Execution Historian. These components combined with SAP ERP and existing plant automation infrastructure encompass the entire batch manufacturing lifecycle -- from Recipe creation and management through plant floor execution and post batch analysis. Performix xMES 7.6 builds upon these core functions to deliver manufacturers a range of new enterprise capabilities. including full NLS multilanguage support with translations for English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese providing the required localization needed to deploy flexibly across the globe. It also features centralized performance and health monitoring services, events and notification functionality, and a dashboard for centralized support of local instances for regional and global system operations center support. Support for B2MML v4.0, the latest standard for ISA95, also is included. In addition to the enterprise capabilities, Performix xMES 7.6 includes many new features, such as procedure authoring and execution for common nonproduct-related tasks, procedure and local order management and execution, and phase template support for scrap transactions and transaction reversals.

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