Progressive Cavity Pump Utilizes 2-Lobe Rotor for Tighter Pumping

The Larox Flowsys progressive cavity pump is designed for the most demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications. The pump utilizes shorter construction to achieve high efficiency and high pressure. It’s also designed to require less energy and maintenance, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. The pump’s Evenwall 3-D technology with 2-lobe rotor geometry allows for a rigid and tighter pumping unit compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps. All Larox progressive cavity pumps have a smaller interference between the rotor and stator reducing friction, with much lower starting torque and significantly higher pumping efficiency.  The direction of the pump’s suction connection can be adjusted step less. This feature in conjunction with the shorter pump length is designed to allow for simple installation into any new or existing pump installation. The most common failure in pumps is caused by problems in shaft sealing. Larox utilizes a shaft and seal, allowing the mechanical shaft seal to be replaced quickly and without dismantling the entire pump or its drive shaft and coupling.
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