New Oxygen Probe Expands Combustion Gas Analysis

ABB has launched its next generation of combustion gas analyzers for industrial and utility boiler applications. With a revised sensor design and an increased choice of probe lengths up to 13-plus feet, the Endura AZ20 expands ABB’s offering to high temperature applications up to 800°C. The Endura AZ20 offers an enhanced robust design. Manufactured using a new ceramic-to-steel bonding process, the AZ20 is designed to offer improved resistance to thermal stresses and shocks compared to a conventional brazed design. This enables it to be used in a wider range of applications subject to sudden variations in process temperature, as well as offering a gas-tight bond throughout its operating temperature range. The Endura AZ20 benefits from a cell-processing technique that bonds the multilayered platinum electrode to the zirconia. This means that the AZ20 can be used in arduous applications subject to sulfurous and reducing atmospheres such as sulfur recovery processes, crematoria and industrial and clinical waste incineration. Additionally, ABB has reduced the component count of the AZ20 to simplify maintenance. For any problems that do occur, the AZ20’s NAMUR compliant diagnostics, with alarms and warnings in clear text, is designed to enable operators to quickly trace and rectify the fault. Operation has been simplified by the use of ABB’s new universal Human Machine Interface (HMI),which has now been extended across its range of instrumentation products.

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