Baghouse Dust Collector Features Nozzle Cleaning System

Scientific Dust Collectors has just announced a new addition to its line of baghouse dust collectors.  The SPJ-BL Series Baghouse is a high ratio unit which features Scientific Dust Collectors’ patented nozzle cleaning system and internal high side inlet baffles.

The SPJ-BL Series is priced competitively yet offers a heavy duty and rugged design for various fibrous dust applications.  This series is ideal for 1,000 to 5,000 CFM, depending upon the dust type.  It features all welded construction.  Standard hopper discharge options include a 55 gallon drum and 20 cubic ft cart on wheels.  Bags are easily accessed from the front via a large door.  All SPJ-BL collectors are on-line self cleaning units with a solid state timer board.  Operation efficiency and bag life are guaranteed in writing!

Powders and solids
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Scientific Dust Collectors