Screen Air Separator Employs Vibratory Screening

A new Vibro-Air Size/Density Separator from Kason Corporation employs vibratory screening to remove undersize particles, and airflow to simultaneously remove low bulk density materials, it was announced by Henry Alamzad, president.

It is said to efficiently separate: fines and chaff from grain products; fines, angel hair, strands and film scrap from plastic pellets/regrind; fibers, saw dust and wood flour from wood chips/shavings; and other undersize and low bulk density matter from on-size products.

Material fed through a port on the unit's hood cascades over a series of strategically placed internal trays, and ultimately onto a vibrating, fine mesh screen that moves on-size material in controlled flow patterns toward and through a discharge port at the screen's periphery. Heavier fines and a portion of the lighter fines pass through the screen onto a chute leading to a lower discharge spout.

Simultaneously, air drawn into the base of the air-tight chamber flows upward, drawing the balance of low density fines, along with airborne dust, fibers and strands, into an airstream that increases in velocity (as the hood tapers) before venting to a cyclone and/or dust collector.

Powders and solids
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