Technology Delivers Online Verification Of Meter Performance

Emerson Process Management announces Smart Meter Verification technology for Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters. Smart Meter Verification delivers complete, on-line verification of device performance, saving significant expense by reducing labor and outsourced calibration service costs while eliminating process interruption.

With no need to remove the meter from the line or stop the process flow, Smart Meter Verification – at the touch of a button or on a pre-determined schedule – delivers measurement integrity feedback in under two minutes. Smart Meter Verification technology is embedded in the transmitter functionality to verify calibration and the complete health of the sensor, drive, and electronics. With no complex interpretation and no interruption to process measurement, Smart Meter Verification delivers benefits to a range of applications and industries:

• Reduces costs by minimizing manpower and services to check or calibrate meters

• Increases availability by allowing verification without process or measurement interruption

• Eliminates uncertainty by providing complete feedback whenever it is needed – with no process impact and no need for complex interpretation

• Improves safety, health and environmental impacts by reducing trips to the field and the need to break process seals.

• Checks the entire flow measurement meter – sensor and electronics – for complete measurement certainty

• Is easy to operate at the touch of a button, on a pre-determined verification schedule, or automatically based on process events

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Emerson Process Management