Compressors Tout Capacities Ranging From 457 To 980 acfm

Sullair Corporation recently announced the redesign of its 200 HP compressors. These versatile compressors are offered with a choice of constant speed drive, LS-200S, or constant speed drive with variable capacity control, VCC-200S and VCC-250S. These 200 HP compressors have capacities ranging from 457 to 980 acfm and pressure ranges of 100 to 175 psig. The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) model V-200S, with capacities of 576 to 967 acfm, completes the compressor offering. These compressors have flange-mounted motors and air ends to provide positive alignment and extend bearing life in both.

Variable Capacity Control, achieved with Sullair’s spiral valve technology, allows the compressor to match pressure and capacity with system demands. Part load capacity and efficiency can produce energy savings up to 30%. The V-200S compressor with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) achieves further part load and full load energy savings.

These Sullair compressors are available with or without sound attenuating enclosures, and with a choice of water- or air-cooled models. All models feature Sullair's Multi-Stage Air Fluid Separation with a dual nested Optimizer separator element to minimize fluid carryover. The Optimalair heavy-duty air intake filter provides inlet filtration and reduces pressure drop for additional energy savings. The Sullair compressors also feature an upgrade of Sullair's Supervisor Controller. This computer-compatible microprocessor control unit provides operating information using simple graphics of monitored functions and stop/start, sequencing and activation controls.

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