Air Compressor Features PAC, Sequential Cooling System

Ingersoll Rand’s R-Series 90-160 kW/125-200hp contact-cooled rotary screw air compressors offer new technologies that integrate advanced features such as Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) Protection, V-Shield Technology, Sequential Cooling System, Intuitive Controller and Time-Proven Airends.

The energy-efficient packages deliver performance and value for specific needs.

Product features include:

  • Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) Protection — An integrated, intelligent system that continuously monitors key operating parameters and adapts to prevent unexpected downtime.
  • V-Shield Technology — An integrated, leak-free design using stainless steel pipes, metal-flex hoses and elastomeric seals for repeatable leak-free connections.
  • Sequential Cooling System — Improves efficiency, serviceability and noise level.
  • Intuitive Controller — Built-in optimization sequencing for up to four compressors.
  • Time-Proven Airends — At the heart of the compressor is the rugged, roller-bearing-equipped, single- or two-stage airend, which is engineered for reliability.

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