Brochure Provides Overview Of Wireless Sensor Products

The SureCross Industrial Wireless I/O Network offers a complete line of 1-watt data radios for serial communication over the air, remote I/O Nodes and power options, including battery and solar-power systems. Banner's new, comprehensive 12-page brochure contains complete ordering information along with application examples for each of the SureCross product families. From the competitively priced DX70 platform—a point-to-point cable replacement system starting under $1000 for a 12 I/O-point pair—to the DX80 wireless I/O point-to-multipoint network with a variety of input-types and power options, the brochure includes information for wireless solutions that suit a broad range of application requirements.

The new brochure also includes pictures and model numbers of Banner's complete line of accessories, including enclosures, power supplies, relay boxes, antennas and everything needed to install and run wireless in a facility—all from a single vendor.

SureCross solutions offer:

*Analog, Discrete, Temperature and Serial I/O
*Transceiver pairs to replace a single signal cable
*Scalable networks to collect thousands of signals
*FlexPower™ options include battery, solar and DC
*Integrated Site Survey for real-time wireless link status
*Multi-layer security protocol
*IP67, Intrinsically Safe and Class I Div 2 models
Product Type:
Banner Engineering Corp.