Shaft Seals Solve Powder Problems

MECO shaft seals are custom-engineered to solve problems found in dry powder and bulk process machinery: abrasion, heat from friction, product caking, escape of dust or vapors. Based on the concept of a thrust bearing, MECO seal designs can accommodate 6 mm and more of shaft run-out.  Seals are available fully split for retrofits on existing equipment, without having to remove the bearing or drive.

In some applications, a gas barrier fluid is used to load the seal faces and provide a diagnostic tool for monitoring the seals. MECO seals usually consume +/-7 litres per minute (+/- .25 cfm) of gas. 

MECO seals are said to cut vacuum dryer cycle times in half by effectively holding the vacuum. Seal materials are selected to be compatible with processes; sanitary designs also available. 

Powders and solids
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