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Deacom, Inc. has issued a new version of the DEACOM ERP Software System. Updates to DEACOM 12.1 comprise design changes to the main menu and enhancements to specific functionality.

The DEACOM menu contains all the functional areas that are managed in the single system, such as purchasing, sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory control, accounting, and production. The latest version of DEACOM now provides menu sections for frequently accessed forms and reports to reduce the number of navigational user clicks. An RSS feed is also depicted on the new DEACOM menu to notify users of upcoming DEACOM University courses, software release updates, and Deacom User Conference information.

The functions that have experienced enhancements with DEACOM 12.1 include:

· Physical inventory

· Scanners

· Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

· Financial statements

· Dashboard reports

We're constantly seeking ways to make DEACOM simpler for the user," says Jay Deakins, president of Deacom. "That's why we make every effort to quickly develop and disseminate updates to our clients. Smaller updates are far easier to implement and become accustomed to than large-scale ERP upgrades that are issued once or twice a year."
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