Ultrasonic Flowmeter Measures From Outside The Pipe


Shenitech, LLC has recently announced availability of their new third generation STUF-300F1B Wall-Mount Transit-Time Flowmeter.

Designed for nonintrusive pipe flow measurement, the STUF-300F1B utilizes a pair of clamp-on, advanced design ultrasonic transducers to measure flow from outside the pipe. The flowmeter’s high +1% accuracy (+0.5% with on-site calibration), nonintrusive design eliminates contact with process liquids and requires no maintenance.

The lowest priced ultrasonic flowmeter on the market, the STUF-300F1B is easy to install, set up and use, and accommodates a wide pipe range from 1" to 240" diameter. Standard flowmeter features include

4-20mA, OCT, relay, batch control, alarm, and RS 485 with MODBUS. Optional thermal energy measurement capability is also available.

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