Shaft Alignment Tool Guides Users, Reduces Errors

ShaftAlign, a shaft alignment tool incorporating human-error-proof functions, features a backlit color display and intuitive auto-flow capability.

Dimension-Measure-Results – guides the user to obtain the desired machinery alignment condition. The “Active Clock” measurement mode automatically collects the laser coordinates for the corresponding shaft position. Only three readings over a rotation angle of less than 70 degrees are required to achieve a precision alignment. All relevant alignment results are displayed in one screen including the alignment status evaluation through a smiley face and LEDs.

A built-in light sensor optimizes screen image quality and power management.  Rechargeable batteries save operating cost and contribute toward a greener environment.

ShaftAlign is upgradable to more powerful features as alignment requirements increase. The tool offers a variety of options to generate and archive alignment measurement reports through its freeware Alignment Reporter PC software or through the direct reports as PDF to a memory stick.