Measuring Cells Are Reliable In Many Environments

Severn Trent Services has added three new measuring cells to the Series KC4000 product line, now offering economical and reliable online measurement for low pressure, dusty and wet environments and high temperature applications.

The Series KC4000 measuring cells are used in conjunction with the MicroChem2 transmitter/controller to measure residual chlorine (free and total), chlorine dioxide, ozone, iodine and bromine. No pH correction is needed when measuring free chlorine (pH 4 – 7.5), chlorine dioxide, or ozone. Optional pH, conductivity, and/or ORP measurements are also available and can be measured simultaneously with most KC versions.

The expanded Series KC4000 cells include a measuring cell for low pressure samples at 0.1 - 0.5 bar (1.4 - 7 psig), a cell with IP 66 case that provides protection against dust and water, and a cell for hot water applications at 35.6°F to 149°F (2°C - 65°C). The Series KC4000 cell is mounted on a differential pressure regulator and includes a PT100 temperature probe. They operate in a sample range of 0.5 - 4 bar/7 - 60 psig and temperature from 35.6°F to 104°F (2°C - 40°C); ambient temperature is to 50°C.

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