Hand-Held Combustion Gas Analyzer Is Pre-Calibrated, Rugged


The new E1100 Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer is a rugged unit for boiler, burner, engine, turbine, furnace, and other combustion applications.

Pre-calibrated and field replaceable sensors allow for easy diagnostics and replacements to reduce “down-time” and costly repair charges.

The E1100 also includes:

Ø      O2 (0-25%) and CO (0-8000 ppm) Sensors

Ø      Efficiency, Excess Air, and CO2% Calculated Values

Ø      Stack Gas & Ambient Air Temperature Measurements

Ø      Draft & Differential Pressure Measurements

Ø      12” Probe with 10’ Dual Hose and Optional Hose Extensions

Ø      Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger

Ø      Internal Memory (600 tests) to Save Data

Ø      Software Package with PC Communications Cable

Ø      Vinyl Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

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