Liquid Level Transmitter Copes With Moisture

KING-GAGE ES2 liquid level transmitter has IP68 rated connections plus a resilient design for immunity against moisture, condensation, and highly aggressive cleaning agents in heavy washdown installations, according to the company. For sanitary processing, the ES2 transmitter gives you greater reliability for inventory and level control monitoring.

KING-GAGE ES2 transmitters are applicable to most tanks or process vessels whose contents remain at normal atmospheric pressure. The transmitter's 4-20 mAdc output signal is compatible with PLCs or other control architecture using analog I/O. Accurate tank gauging can be achieved using KING-GAGE indicators or tank processors that convert the proportional output into a volumetric measurement of tank level.

Measuring hydrostatic head pressure created by liquid depth in the tank, they are unaffected by foam or internal obstructions such as agitators. Pressure affords consistent measurement because it is based on the total mass of the liquid, not the relative volume or displacement that varies by temperature.

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King Engineering Corp.