Flexible, Extendable Probes Offer Long-Distance Level Detection

BinMaster Level Controls introduces the PROCAP capacitance probe with a flexible, extendable cable designed for high-, mid- or low-level detection when the capacitance probe must be mounted on the top of the bin. BinMaster’s flexible probe is said to be ideal for applications where a probe is used as a high level alarm or needs to be extended more than four feet. This flexible probe can be used with any lump material that might bend, damage or break a rigid probe.

It is configured so the first 10 inches of the probe are rigid and the rest of the probe is flexible. The flexible ¼-inch diameter cable can be any desired length up to a 35-foot maximum extension, which is sensitive to the end of cable when uncovered. For convenience and ease of installation, the cable can be cut to the desired length in the field. BinMaster offers a stainless steel flexible cable option for food and other sanitary applications.

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