MSDS Management System Has Alert Capability

3E Company recently introduced a new Revision Alert module for use with 3E Online - MSDS, the Company's award-winning Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management system. The Module significantly reduces the amount of time required to manage the ever-changing data elements of an MSDS by centralizing the detection and reporting of revisions.

The Module streamlines the MSDS management process by allowing users to quickly view the exact changes that have been made to any MSDSs in their inventory. The user is notified in a weekly email report of key data element revisions, including CAS RN changes, NFPA/HMIS changes and physical and health hazard modifications.

The Revision Alert Module supports MSDS change and impact analysis across multiple corporate EH&S functional areas. Its innovative features enable EH&S Managers to determine the impact that the modified MSDS has on regulatory reporting requirements (SARA, NPRI, REACH) and training programs. It also alerts site personnel as needed to update secondary container labels, adjust PPE, or change how a product is stored onsite. In addition, product stewardship departments can now easily track changes to raw materials and quickly analyze the impact on their finished product.

"Change management is a critical component to our customers' overall compliance process. Our new Revision Alert Module is the only tool on the market that not only notifies users when a change is made to their MSDS, but also alerts them to the exact nature of the revision," said Tamie Webber, Director of Product Management, 3E Company. "This information is extremely useful for impact analysis purposes, and our customers will benefit from having rapid access to this critical and often elusive data."

The Revision Alert Module is available now as an optional enhancement to subscribers of 3E Online - MSDS Gold and 3E Online - MSDS Platinum. Pricing is based on an annual subscription and the number of products managed in the user's inventory.

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