Retractable pH Sensor Lasts Longer In Harsh Environments

ABB Instrumentation recently announced that its Endura TBX587 Retractable pH sensor is now available in the United States and Canada. The sensor lasts up to three times longer in harsh applications, yet needs less maintenance, cleaning and calibration than sensors from other manufacturers.

ABB’s unique Endura pH sensors have a special design to withstand poisoning and build-up found in industrial installations; they are also compatible with most brands of electronics. The Endura TBX587 targets smaller 1-inch NPT process connections found in sample lines in refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial applications.

The Endura TBX587 incorporates many design elements requested by customers into one convenient pH measurement system. The temperature compensation element has been moved to the tip of the sensor to provide response times up to 6x faster then conventional gel-filled pH sensors. An optional IP68 Vario Pin style cable connector simplifies sensor replacement without complicated wiring or terminal strips.

The mechanical design of the Endura TBX587 includes a large "T" style handle to aid in insertion and retraction into pressurized process pipelines. The new pH sensor is based on ABB’s highly successful solid state, Next Step Reference design. The Next Step Reference is well suited to withstand chemical poisoning and build-up often found in strong chemical processes and slurries. 316 Stainless hardware is standard with the Endura TBX587 with options for Hastelloy and Titanium metallic fittings.

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