Magnet Drive System Touts A Reduction In Weight And Volume

WEG Electric Corp.'s W Magnet Drive System incorporates the W Magnet Drive inside the motor, which is controlled by a CFW11 variable frequency drive (VFD). Compared to standard induction motors, the W Magnet motor promotes a 52% reduction in weight and a 47% reduction in volume, according to the company. The motor is fitted with NdFeB magnets, inserted inside the rotor, instead of conventional aluminum alloy squirrel cages.

For precision control and optimum energy efficiency, the CFW11 drive used with the W Magnet Drive System uses WEG’s unique vector control technology algorithm. This is said to enable control without the use of an encoder/position sensor, and by reducing the number of components, helps improve reliability. For applications within buildings or other sensitive areas, the W Magnet motor features significant noise reduction to under 73dB(A).

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