Meter Monitors Two Signal Inputs At Once

Red Lion Controls, Inc. recently introduced the PAXDR Dual Rate Meter, providing real-time viewing of dual input rates, paired with sophisticated math functions to measure and display the sum, difference, ratio, draw or percentage of total between the two rates. PAXDR is a 5-digit dual rate indicator and 6-digit dual totalizer that monitors mission-critical factors such as inflow and outflow, unwind and rewind wire tension, feed and tension roll speed, and other pivotal production rates.

Within its industry-standard 1/8 DIN housing, PAXDR simplifies dual rate applications as a single, easy-to-use device—without the need for any complex programming that would otherwise be required to perform application-specific calculations. Six values are viewable on the meter’s .56" LED display: one each for rates A and B, totalizers for A and B, and the rate and totalizer for calculation C. These readings improve production quality and reduce rejects by ensuring a parameter such as feed rate, line speed, flow rate or tension is properly maintained throughout processing.

Users can simply select the desired scale for each of the two signal inputs using PAXDR’s programmable function keys, with independent scaling provided for A and B totalizers. This capability makes PAXDR ideal for applications such as flow measurement, where both flow rate and volume must be monitored and scaled to a common unit of measure. Plus, 10-point scaling for both input rates is provided for challenging non-linear processes.

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Red Lion Controls