Compressor Control System Features Web-Enabled Monitoring

A state-of-the-art compressor control system with web-enabled monitoring capabilities, offering optimal protection and control.

Universal Leading Edge Technology

The Maestro Universal provides a built-in web server allowing compressor monitoring using your local intranet. Designed for easy setup, the Universal provides a convenient wizard for quick configuration.

Specific savings

Over the life of a centrifugal compressor, the Universal provides significant annual savings in operating costs by providing more precise control.

• Control Methods

• Auto/Dual Designed for operational efficiency

• Constant Pressure Designed for constant pressure requirements

• Mass Flow control Designed for constant flow requirements

Universal Features

• Windows CE driven system includes a built-in web server and setup wizard for quick configuration

• Able to handle multiple stages and designed for many makes and models of compressors

• 10” color graphic display provides easy monitoring with reduced glare

• Built-in USB port for system configuration and data logging

• Capable of monitoring and controlling the total system across multiple units

- Networking software available for automation

- Operation Scheduler available to reduce pressure during non-production periods, minimizing energy usage

- Ability to start and stop compressors as needed

• Seamless integration with customer host systems

• Global design to conform to worldwide standards and languages

• Main logic module contains up to: 30 digital inputs, 33 digital outputs, 39 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs, 10 RTD inputs and a motor current input

Fluid handling
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Cameron Compression Systems