Sensor Provides Lower Explosive Limit Monitoring

RAE Systems Inc. recently introduced three enhancements to its industry leading, MeshGuard, wireless, toxic-gas monitoring system. The MeshGuard family of toxic and flammable gas sensors used in environments where easy, rapid deployment means faster time to revenue.

· The MeshGuard LEL provides flammability, or "lower explosive limit" monitoring for methane and other flammable drilling and oil and gas exploration gases.

· The MeshGuard Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) provides real-time detection for drilling and production sites where sulfur is a by-product.

· The PowerPak is a new high-capacity battery pack enables up to two-years operation of MeshGuard monitors on a single charge.

The MeshGuard family of sensors is designed for fast deployment in harsh and potentially hazardous locations, including oil and gas drilling operations, oil and gas production, plant maintenance turnarounds, storage tank facilities, shipyards and liquid storage terminals.

"The new MeshGuard LEL and SO2 join the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO) MeshGuard monitors to enhance our wireless sensor offerings for this product family," said Bobby Sheikhan, wireless products manager for RAE Systems. "A key differentiator to our wireless sensors product line is the lower cost of deployment, particularly compared to cost associated with deploying fixed sensors used by many in the oil and gas industry. In addition, the new two-year PowerPak give field operations manager the longevity they need for an effective worker safety and equipment protection deployment."

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