Flow Meter Is FM And CSA Approved

The precise, intelligent and cost-saving ST50 thermal mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) is now FM and CSA certified to meet the highest national and international standards for safety, reliability and performance.

FM Global is an international insurance company that provides comprehensive risk management solutions. When a product has been certified by FM Global, it conforms to the highest national and international safety standards for risk management and loss protection. The FM APPROVED mark assures FCI’s customers that the ST50 Flow Meter has been deemed to perform reliably and safely, backed by independent scientific research and testing.

CSA International is also a leading provider of product testing and certification. CSA International tests products for compliance with national and international standards for safety and performance. A CSA certification mark means that the ST50 Flow Meter has been formally evaluated, through testing and follow-up inspection, and meets the highest safety and performance standards.

The FM and CSA approved ST50 Flow Meter provides direct mass flow measurement with higher effectiveness at a lower cost, utilizing FCI’s highly accurate thermal dispersion mass flow sensing technology.  With the ST50, there is no need for the temperature sensors, flow computers or other devices required with orifice plates, Venturis, Vortex shedding and other meters.  The ST50’s unique design also provides built-in temperature compensation for reliable measurement over a wide temperature range with almost no pressure-drop.

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Fluid Components International