Static Mixers Blends Four Chemical Simultaneously

A patented, in-line static mixer for any dosing application requiring the pumping of four different chemicals into a pipe simultaneously is being introduced by Westfall Manufacturing Company.

Westfall’s Model 2800 Static Mixer mounts directly into a piping system and features a fixed-plate with an internal design that rapidly mixes using a combination of alternate vortex shedding and intense shear zone turbulence.  Capable of injecting four chemicals simultaneously, it has a short laying length, achieves >98% injected fluid dispersion only 10 diameters down-stream and can be manufactured in many sizes from a variety materials.

Easy to clean and maintain, Westfall’s Model 2800 Static Mixer has no moving parts and can be made from PVC, FRP, SST, Titanium, Hastelloy, carbon fiber, and other materials.  Available in sizes from 1/4” to 120” dia., this mixer utilizes Saf-T-Flo retractable injectors and can actually incorporate from one to six injection nozzles, depending upon size and application.

Westfall’s Model 2800 Static Mixer is priced from $295. to $30,000. (list), depending upon configuration.  Literature and prices are available on request.

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