Transducers Offer Improved Control Accuracy

Eurotherm’s Action Instruments recently launched two new models to its IP current to pressure transducer series that will provide improved control accuracy, lower power usage, and at a significantly reduced cost over its predecessors.

The IP71 and IP81 transducers have been engineered for optimum valve control performance in process industries, specifically those with demanding environments, such as the oil & gas industry. The IP71 and IP81 transducers maintain reliable pneumatic signal conversion with better accuracy at 0.1 percent, with operating temperature ratings of -40 C to 160 C. This improved reliability allows Eurotherm to offer the units for approximately 25 percent less than earlier IP series versions, while extending the warranty from 12 to 18 months.

"In today’s marketplace, accuracy and cost drive the decision making when it comes to selecting products to meet control application needs," says Dan Dudici, Global Product Manager for Eurotherm’s Action Instruments. "Eurotherm has a strong reputation for providing high quality products. We now offer a high level of quality at a very reasonable price, a perfect combination for success for our customers in a wide variety of process industries."

The introduction of the Explosion-Proof rated IP81 transducer is allowing Eurotherm to better meet the needs of hazardous environment applications, such as the natural gas industry, says Dudici.

Using a closed-loop pressure feedback circuitry, both products provide precise, stable pressure outputs to final control elements and can be mounted in any orientation with continuous reliable operation regardless of machine vibrations. Their compact size makes both the IP71 and IP81 transducers adaptable to constrained spaces as well.

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