G4 Process Control Instruments Feature Remote Access

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. recently announced that the Vishay Systems family of G4 advanced process control instruments has been enhanced to include remote access via web interface. This makes possible setup, maintenance, diagnostic tests, software updates, and other activities using a standard web browser.

The remote access feature enables plant maintenance engineers (or Vishay engineers, if allowed) to access G4 instruments anywhere in the world and set them up, monitor them, and run diagnostics tests. Whether your product or system is a tank or crane, an advanced process control system or level measurement system, you can access it anytime from your office or your home, as long as you have web access. By logging onto the G4 instrument, you can make changes to settings, monitor weighing signals, download software, and perform other important tasks. Weighing signals such as mV/V and actual weight can be monitored. This gives users an easy platform to operate, monitor, and maintain the instrument. Embedded security tools protect the system from erroneous or malicious access to ensure system and data integrity.

G4 instruments have four base mounting options: DIN rail, panel, desktop, and harsh environment. The G4-RM DIN rail mount model has up to six weighing/force measurement channels per unit. It is IP20-rated and operates with a power supply of 24 VDC. The G4-PM panel mount, G4-DT desktop, and G4-HE harsh environment models have up to eight weighing/force measurement channels per unit. They are IP65-rated and can be configured for either 24 VDC or 115/230 VAC operation.

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