Instrumentation Enclosure Is Explosion Proof

Adalet has recently introduced a new explosionproof instrument enclosure to an already large product offering. The XDHI mini dual-sided instrument housing was designed to house small instruments or control devices. This new, mini version enclosure provides a smaller footprint for instrumentation which does not require much internal enclosure capacity.

With only a 2-1/4" internal diameter, the rugged XDHI enclosure can accommodate miniature instrumentation in a more compact housing without the wasted space of a larger unit. The dual-sided housing includes back to back chambers which are separated by a solid 3/16" thick dividing wall. Solid or glass covers are available in either a standard flat cover or a domes version for added depth. The XDHI carries UL, cUL, and ATEX certifications for global applications.

The XDHI mini dual-sided instrument housings include many of the same standard features on the larger enclosures such as conduit feed-through hubs, internal / external ground screws, watertight gasket, and external safety blue polyester power coating. Enclosures can be customized with internal blind drilled & tapped mounting holes, can be painted to match a company color scheme, and can include a cast-in company logo.

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