Self-Prime Pump Provides Sealless Operation

Finish Thompson Inc. introduces a new self-priming pump with deep-lift and fast prime capabilities. The new SP 22 Series centrifugal pump is the largest self-priming model in the line with lifts up to 25 feet and fast priming time of up to 18 feet in 90 seconds, according to the company. When the pump is shut off, the unique gooseneck design of the suction passage retains fluid in the priming chamber for fast re-priming.

Powered by magnetic drive technology, the SP Series is said to provide years of sealless operation with no leaks and the ability to run dry without damage in absence of continuous flow.

The SP Series features corrosion resistant construction, high working pressure capability to 90 psi, energy saving high operating efficiency, and up to 1.8 high specific gravity handling ability.

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