End-Ported Biocontainers Feature Configurable Porting

Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. recently announced the expansion of its line of 2D end-ported TepoFlex biocontainers, within its One-Touch portfolio of single-use systems. Manufactured with our premier biopharmaceutical grade TepoFlex film, end-ported biocontainers are now available in sizes ranging from 250 mL to 20 L.

TepoFlex end-ported biocontainers offer bioprocessors enhanced operational flexibility through configurable porting. The hanging, 2D pillow-style biocontainers are 100% drainable. These biocontainers are ideal for a variety of fluid handling applications, including sampling, delivery of process fluids such as culture media, and holding of bulk and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

TepoFlex film does not contain components from animal origin and is certified animal component free (ACF). The film does not contain antiblock agents. The very low extractables and leachables profile of TepoFlex biocontainers, coupled with its very high gas barrier properties, mitigates the risk of product degradation.


Fluid handling
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Tanks and vessels
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