Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Accommodates Big Bags

WeighPack Systems Inc. (WeighPack) recently developed a vertical form fill seal machine for very big bags. Using up to 50 inch wide roll stock to form a bag of 24 inches wide. The length that is fully adjustable produces a 36 inch long bag with a single stroke. The vertical back seal uses two heavy duty, 5/8" cylinder shafts to assure constant pressure against the back seal. The seal jaws create 24" x 36" bags from roll stock film, the VerTek 2400 has the unique ability to form fill and seal these very big bag sizes while maintaining the simplicity and reliability that is characteristic to all Vertek VFS machines.

Easily interfaced with any type of filling equipment, the VerTek 2400 fills one cubic foot of product at speeds of 10 cycles per minute. The VerTek 2400 creates pillow, gusset and carry handle bags from roll stock film and is ideal for bagging a variety of different products including all snack foods, agricultural products, hardware, coffee, produce, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Handling bag sizes 12 to 24 inches wide, the easy to use VerTek 2400 can seal either polyethylene or laminated films. Standard features include; stainless steel construction, PLC controls, large memory storage and servo motor. Options such as hole punching, code dating and gas flush are also available.

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