Variable Speed Pump Controller Manages Up To Four Pumps

ITT’s new Bell & Gossett Technologic 502 variable speed pump controller utilizes the latest generation hardware platform with advanced pumping software and proven algorithms to create a smarter, more cost-efficient and energy-saving pump system for HVAC and pressure booster applications.

The new 502 integrated pump controller and adjustable frequency drive offers new features that increase ease of set-up and menu navigation, lengthen equipment life and lower operating costs:

• Control of up to four parallel pumps

• Four analog inputs for a combination of zone sensors, flow sensors and suction sensors

• Customized algorithms to handle the entire range of pumping applications, including secondary, tertiary, hot water, chilled water and pressure boosting

• Program safeguards against damaging hydraulic conditions, such as pump flow surges, hunting and system over-pressurization

• Local and remote start/stop capability

• RS-485 Communications

• Plain English diagnostic display with soft-touch keypad switches

• Designed to provide equipment payback in one to three years

As part of Bell & Gossett’s commitment to green energy-efficient solutions, the Technologic 502 variable speed pump controller reduces its environmental impact through energy-saving efficiency and water conservation. The Technologic 502 contributes to LEED certification and may also qualify for economic stimulus rebate or local power company incentives.

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