Reverse Osmosis Systems Suitable For High-Efficiency Water Treatment

Pentair Water Commercial & Industrial Purity Solutions (CIPS) recently introduced the Deluxe HighPure RO Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, designed to efficiently solve a variety of water problems in ingredient water, high purity rinse water, boiler feed water, ion exchange pretreatment, lab and analytical testing, drip irrigation, community water vending and a host of additional applications. HighPure RO systems deliver exceptional TDS (total dissolved solids) rejection while reducing water and electrical costs with a high efficiency design. To ensure quality permeate water production, systems include a continuous digital TDS meter, along with automated control, status lights and digital error codes that allow operators to closely monitor water quality and system status.

HighPure RO systems offer superior quality, energy efficiency and ease of installation, as they are simple to set-up and service in a broad range of commercial and industrial environments. Six Deluxe models are available to suit specific market or application needs, with capacities ranging from 1,800 to 12,240 gallons per day. All systems include a stainless Berkeley multistage pump that, along with providing high efficiency, delivers reduced maintenance and downtime in comparison to rotary vane pumps. The PENTEK prefilter housing features a built-in 20" Versaflex 5 micron, Pentair Industrial technology prefilter that reduces particulate breakthrough from pretreatment bypass or failure. With a combination of indicator lights, status codes, a temperature compensated conductivity meter, and an automatic low inlet pressure switch for pump cut-off with automatic restart, HighPure RO systems deliver complex control capabilities in an easy-to-use design.

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