Solution Provides Remote Engineering Content Management Capabilities

BlueCielo ECM Solutions recently announced that it has released InnoCielo Meridian 2009, InnoCielo TeamWork 2009 and the InnoCielo Transmittal Management module. The newest versions of BlueCielo’s flagship products include significant changes to provide remote engineering content management capabilities, Oracle’s AutoVue 2D Professional embedded as new viewer and enhanced CAD support. BlueCielo is also announcing the introduction of the InnoCielo Transmittal Management module.

The 2009 version of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise allows users to leverage the engineering content management capabilities of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise over wide area networks and the Internet. Engineers and subcontractors are no longer restricted by the confines of the local area network and can work from remote locations with engineering content stored in central locations. This new capability also supports scenarios in which InnoCielo Meridian servers are centralized in a global data center.