Valve Position Sensor Based On Proven Sensing Technology

The latest addition to Honeywell’s OneWireless industrial wireless portfolio is based on one of the company’s most-proven sensor technologies. The XYR 6000 Valve Position Sensor helps improve overall plant reliability by giving users the ability to remotely monitor a greater number of applications within their processing facilities.

Based on the Honeywell MICRO SWITCH CX series hazardous location analog sensor, the new XYR 6000 Valve Position Sensor monitors the position of the valve when used in OneWireless systems, sending the signal from remote or potentially dangerous areas of the plant. The sensor carries all the appropriate hazardous location certifications, which makes it ideal for various applications such as monitoring valve positioner status, manual process valve position, safety shower and eye bath notification, tank overflow alarms, damper and louver position, door/gate position, or other applications where installing wires is inefficient, cost-prohibitive or simply unsafe.

"MICRO SWITCH technology has been trusted for over seven decades in the process industries. Incorporating OneWireless connectivity helps our customers benefit from increased safety and efficiencies provided by these technologies," said Jeff Becker, global wireless business director, for Honeywell Process Solutions. "This new sensor eliminates the need for manual monitoring, which can provide tangible benefits for our customers when they apply them in the plant’s most hazardous and remote areas."

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