Operator Interface Simplifies Process Control Applications

Honeywell recently released a touchscreen operator interface that helps plant operators using Honeywell HC900 Control Systems more easily manage their processes. The Honeywell 900 Control Station is a panel-mounted interface available for all new HC900 installations. It also can be retrofitted for existing, compatible systems.

The new operator interface, featuring a 10.4-inch color display touchscreen, introduces enhanced graphic features designed to reduce set-up time and simplify operation while improving security and versatility in the field. Preformatted displays, custom graphic tools, plus more than 4,000 pre-built process graphic objects make it easy for system designers to create unique color graphic touchscreen displays that schematically symbolize the layout and functions of the process, facilitating operator acceptance. The interface also helps simplify process changeovers by allowing operators to select from previously stored recipe variables, setpoint programs, setpoint schedules and sequences.

"Efficient production means being able to focus on managing processes," said Henri Tausch, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Field Solutions. "The 900 Control Station enables customers to manage and optimize their applications by providing an easy-to-use system for application control, measurement and data acquisition."

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