Wireless Transmitter Provides Secure Transmission

K-TEK, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art instrumentation for level, pressure, and temperature measurement, recently announced the availability of the DX80 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver, a low cost method for transmitting data between process sensors and higher level systems, such as DCS or SCADA systems. Designed for robust, secure communication, the DX80 includes two devices, a Node (wireless transmitter) that resides in the field and interfaces to K-TEK's precision measurement devices, and a Gateway (wireless receiver) that resides in the main control panel and interfaces to a PC or PLC. Each Node accepts up to two (2) analog and two (2) discrete switch inputs. Each Gateway accepts up to 55 Nodes.

The DX80 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver communicate via a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio system that ensures the message is delivered and is secure. By hopping from channel to channel, multiple radio networks can use the same frequency range without creating interference. Wireless communication can be established between any of K-TEK's 4 - 20 mA level transmitters and switches: the LM80 laser, the KSONIK I ultrasonic, the KCAP300 3-element probe, or the GP50 vibrating fork.

"Wiring hard-to-reach locations is a pervasive problem in manufacturing," stated Kevin Hambrice, Director of Marketing and Customer Service at K-TEK. "The DX80 wireless system is mobile, flexible, and scalable. It reliably transmits the status of all I/O points and continuously monitors the health of each and every sensor on the network. It then delivers a variety of field measurements across the plant, to PCs, PLCs, or DCS's."

Reliable & Secure Communications

The DX80 is available in two different models: the 900 MHz frequency (USA, Canada, and Australia) or the 2.4 GHz (rest of world) ISM (Instrumentation, Scientific, & Medical) band. It penetrates walls and objects, and bends around obstacles better than higher frequencies. The signal range is three (3) miles, line of sight, and especially suited for tank farms; plastic pellet, cement, and aggregated silos; and hydrocarbon tanks.

The K-TEK Node can input two digital and two analog signals. The K-TEK Gateway can output two digital and two analog signals; it includes a Modbus RTU for connection to higher level control systems. The DX80 can also be connected directly to the K-TEK HMI color display for a standalone, wireless system.

The DX80 wireless network includes an embedded site survey tool to ensure optimal performance. This function analyzes the strength of the radio signal between the Gateway and a specified Node. Signal results - the number of data packets received or missed - are displayed in a green (excellent), yellow (good), red (marginal), or missed format.

The DX80 Wireless Transmitter & Receiver are each housed in IEC IP67, NEMA 6 rated enclosures for long-lasting performance, even in rugged environments. They operate using 10-30 VDC input power (10-24 VDC for European applications).

Pricing & Delivery

K-TEK's DX80 Wireless Transmitter and Receiver are available for immediate shipment. Prices start at $719.

The data sheet can be downloaded at:

http://www.ktekcorp.com/dnn20/Portals/2/datasheets/DX80-0202-1 DX80 Data Sheet.pdf
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