Asset Management Software Manages Machine Health

Emerson announces the release of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager 5.3, part of its asset management software. The new AMS Machinery Manager release expands end-user machinery monitoring by adding Smart Wireless vibration, new autoplot capabilities and advanced alarm analysis and management. 

With AMS Machinery Manager 5.3, end users are said to gain new insight into the operations of their critical machinery through the integration of wireless vibration information from the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter. In addition to wireless vibration diagnostics, process data from any WirelessHART-enabled transmitter can be imported into AMS Machinery Manager. Part of a complete wireless solution for machinery monitoring, AMS Machinery Manager combines diagnostics from wireless devices with other machinery health information to deliver a complete picture of equipment health and reliability.

A new infrared thermography module in AMS Machinery Manager 5.3 supports Fluke Ti55 IR images. With this new import functionality, users can view and configure Fluke visual and thermal images. Improved IR reporting formats provide user-selectable items for inclusion within the reports.