Spectral Analysis Software Features Single Channel Operation

UE Systems Inc. introduces its updated ultrasonic spectral analysis software --  Spectralyzer v4.0. The software-based solution costs $995, but users can download a 60-day trial.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Millennium, Windows NT 4.0 or newer, Windows XP.

Features include:
• Ultrasonic FFT Spectral Analysis Software
• 44.1KHz Max Sampling Rate Supported
• Frequency Span: (0 to 1/2 of selected sampling rate)
• Weighing: Exponential, Linear
• Single Channel Operation
• FFT Windowing
• Spectral Overlays
• Modes: Realtime, Record and Playback
• Narrowband FFT sizes through 32,768 points
• Cursors: Frequency & dB, Harmonic & Alarm
• Displays: Spectrum & Time Series
• Alarm Cursor: Low Frequency, High Frequency & dB Setpoints
• Frequency Markers

To download the 60-day trial, visit: http://www.uesystems.com/forms.asp?frmID=2

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Product Type:
Analytical technology
UE Systems Inc.