Spectrophotometer Has High-Speed Wavelength Scanning

Hach introduces the new DR 3800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer. The Hach DR 3800 features high-speed wavelength scanning in the entire visible range. This feature can be used for method development or maintaining consistency of colored products. The DR 3800 spectrophotometer has an intuitive color touch screen user interface, which displays warnings in red. With the on-screen Help Guide, working procedures are available with just a touch of the screen, reducing errors and the need for printed methods, according to the company.

The optional LINK2SC software is said to allow for easy comparison of lab and process measurements, providing the user with timely information to control plant processes.

The Hach DR 3800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer can be used for more than 240 analytical methods. These methods include more than 30 TNTplus reagent vial tests that provide innovative barcode labeling for reliable, automatic method detection.

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Analytical technology