WIMS Software Increases Data Accuracy, Provides Alerts

Drinking water, wastewater and industrial water facilities can accurately and automatically capture data from instruments and easily identify trends with summary reports, charts and graphs using the new version 7.0 of the Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) software.

Responding to customer needs for more accessible and understandable data, Hach Company has added many practical and helpful features to this software revision.

Hach WIMS 7.0 standard features are focused on increased data accuracy:

Compliance Engine: Scans the database for regulatory violations and quality control outliers and automatically creates records in the events table allowing for fast response and improved understanding of operations.

Hach BOD Manager: Accurately and automatically captures data directly from the Hach HQ40D meter and LBOD probe system and calculates BOD, checks validity based on standard methods and user-defined criteria, securely stores the information, and provides summary reports and charts.

It also provides easy identification of critical information:

Quick Trend: Provides a quick graphical view of any given data point at the click of a mouse. Immediately see a trend line of the last 1,000 data points or choose a desired date range.

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