Magnets Remove Contaminants From Products

Eriez, provider of magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications, offers ProGrade Tube Magnets in various strengths and lengths to remove ferrous contamination from both dry and liquid products.

The one-inch diameter (25 mm) magnetic tubes are available in lengths from four inches (100 mm) up to 24 inches (610 mm). They are used primarily to remove ferrous contaminants from liquids in tanks, as a quality control check of dry bulk materials or in various other application settings where a powerful, portable magnetic power source is needed. ProGrade Tube Magnets are made from 316L stainless steel and have ¼ x 20 UNC drilled and tapped ends. They are offered in three strengths, enabling customers to select the right degree of magnetic strength to suit their application needs.

• Ceramic powered tube magnets remove medium to large tramp metal such as bolts, nuts and hand tools.

• Rare Earth powered tube magnets remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, staples and clips.

• Xtreme Rare Earth powered tube magnets are best at separating out weakly magnetic fine ferrous contaminants.

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