Metal Detector Fits On Any Conveyor, Belt Or Vibratory

Eriez’ Metalarm series of metal detectors are designed for the protection of downstream equipment from damaging tramp metal. Metalarm detectors are said to fit easily to any conveyor, belt or vibratory.

Metalarm detectors employ pulse induction technology and utilize a single printed circuit board. All Metalarm units are CE certified and have a high level of immunity to radiated signals, which typically result in false tripping of traditional metal detectors.

Eriez Metalarm units feature an advanced high-density polyethylene encased coil system. All Metalarm search coils are fully screened to reduce unwanted emissions. These detectors’ sensitivity levels can be set to meet application specific requirements. Plug-in connectors allow simple installation and maintenance of Metalarm units.

All Metalarm Metal Detectors are custom designed and manufactured to suit customers’ requirements. Eriez’Metalarms can also be equipped with accessories such as audible or visual alarms and metal location markers.

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