Wireless I/O Series Is Modbus/Profibus Compatible

Eurotherm/Action Instruments has launched a cost-effective wireless I/O series. The series is Modbus/Profibus compatible and capable of integrating with existing Eurotherm products or other third-party Modbus/Profibus installations.

The Wi-ModPak series modules incorporate technology with 256-bit encryption to ensure top-level security. The line offers a high level of flexibility and includes wireless I/O with up to eight I/O points per device and the associated expansion modules plus wireless gateways (no I/O’s) used for Modbus/Profibus communications. The same wireless I/O module can be set via software as a transmitting/receiving device or as a repeater for range extension or obstacle avoidance.

The entire Wi-ModPak series is CE, UL and RoHS approved. The wireless gateways, which are typically located next to high-level monitoring/control systems, are also classified as Class I Division II and are therefore suitable for hazardous locations.

The Eurotherm/Action wireless line comes in two versions: 900 MHz (U.S. license-free band) with high penetration and long-distance range (14 Miles LOS) and 2.4 GHz (globally accepted band) with seven miles LOS.

All Wi-ModPak series modules provide a robust, industrial-grade wireless solution with a temperature operating range of -40°C to 85°C and a 12-month warranty. A range of accessories, such as cables, high gain antennas, surge arrestors and an NEMA 4X box, are included in the initial product offering.

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