Programmable Control Module for Digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Sierra Instruments has unveiled its programmable control module, the Compod. When coupled with Sierra’s Smart-Trak mass flow meters (MFM’s) and controllers (MFC’s), the Compod simplifies basic flow control installations and permits the networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocol. By adding the Compod module to a new or existing Smart-Trak MFM or MFC, end users can take complete control. Two digital outputs and one analog input can be configured by the end user for a variety of process controls including:

  • Gas mixing and blending
  • Batch control
  • Leak Testing
  • Process monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring and control
  • Gas ratio control
  • Internal performance monitoring
  • Triggering alarms
  • Starting or stopping gas flows automatically under user-defined conditions
  • Gas flow totalization with adjustable pulse output

Compod also monitors the functionality of the mass flow meter or controller and includes diagnostics, notifying users of faults or system updates.

The Compod mounts to any Sierra Smart-Trak 100 Series, converting the instruments’ internal RS-232 communications into multi-drop RS-485/MODBUS RTU. With MODBUS, multiple instruments can be daisy-chained over a single network. When used with a PLC or master computer, each instrument equipped with Compod becomes a node on the MODBUS network, capable of sending and receiving data and commands.

Users can utilize Sierra’s provided software or write proprietary software using open-source MODBUS protocol to configure standard functions for the Smart-Trak 100 Series. Compod’s two digital input/output channels and the analog input channel and a configurable pulse output channel can automate gas processes without the need for an external PLC or computer. 

Benefits of the Compod:

  • Controls simple processes without the need for external PLCs or computers
  • Acts as a vital link in a complex process control network
  • Monitors the operation of instruments and provides potential problem alerts
  • Is available with a local LCD Display for local monitoring
  • Can be used with new instruments or added to existing models
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Sierra Instruments