Vacuum Conveyor Maximizes Auger Filler

PIAB USA, Inc. introduces its PIAB C-Series vacuum conveyor, which is said to be a safer, more efficient means to load auger fillers and eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolds.

A typical set up is a surge hopper mounted on the auger filler with a PIAB feeding the surge hopper (see photo).  Using a PIAB with a tote or a drum arrangement, simple control logic can include high/low level indicators insuring the auger filler is continuously operating.  The PIAB conveyor system has a smaller footprint than other mechanical loading methods, according to the company.
The PIAB vacuum conveyor is a closed system and is virtually dust free.  The PIAB filtration system with filter shock to prevent caking offers filtration capabilities to 0.5 micron.  Due to the design and operational characteristics of a PIAB vacuum conveyor system, if the transfer line is compromised, material will be contained within the PIAB and not onto the production area floor.

Powders and solids
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