Magmeter Designed for Hygienic Applications

ABB Instrumentation has launched a range of electromagnetic flowmeters. Part of the FlowMaster product portfolio, the HygienicMaster magmeter offers improved measurement capabilities and enables users to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitably. The HygienicMaster is available in 1/10- to four-inch sizes. It is manufactured from FDA-approved materials and certified in accordance with EHEDG and 3A.

The HygienicMaster provides users with increased flexibility and operational benefits. These include a range of process connections for greater flexibility during installation; electrodes that are embedded into the liner to ensure a smooth surface without any gaps; and a sensor that is fully CIP/SIP cleanable. A reinforced PFA liner improves vacuum stability and prevents potential liner deformation.

In the field, the HygienicMaster incorporates several operator-focused features. The backlit, graphical display can be rotated through 270 degrees without the need for any tools, allowing field teams to customize the display that best fits their needs. “Through-the-glass” control allows local operator interface to input short, quick data for all user-specific parameters. The universal ABB Human Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies operation, maintenance and training, thereby reducing cost of ownership and providing one common user experience.

All product versions utilize a common electronics cartridge to simplify installation and lower spare part costs and inventory. The standard HART protocol enables online modification and monitoring of parameters.

When using conventional electromagnetic flowmeters in humid environments or areas with large temperature fluctuations, moisture ingress can cause drift and measurement inaccuracy or even product failure. The HygienicMaster’s robust and rugged design is well-suited for these conditions as it can incorporate a Gore-Tex membrane into both the sensor and the transmitter. The fully encapsulated electronics reduces moisture ingress and enhances overall product reliability.

Data storage inside the HygienicMaster sensor eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. The on-board sensor memory eliminates the problems associated with pluggable data memory modules. On initial installation, the self configuration sequence automatically replicates all data into the transmitter, eliminating the opportunity for errors and leading to increased speed of start up. Redundant storage of data in both the sensor and the transmitter memory is continually updated during all operations to ensure total integrity of the measurement.

The HygienicMaster monitors its own operability and your process. Using the infrared service port, future enhanced diagnostics can be inserted without interrupting operations. In accordance with NAMUR NE107, alarms and warnings are classified with the status classifications such as ‘maintenance required,’ ‘function check,’ failure’ and ‘outside of specification’.

All ABB flowmeters are designed and manufactured in accordance with international quality procedures (ISO 9001) and are calibrated on nationally traceable calibration rigs to provide the end-user with quality and performance.

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